And we’re off!

We have a very exciting announcement!

After many months of careful preparation we are finally here ….

It is Launch day for Springboard!

Our new product suite, built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, enables SMEs to close more opportunities and drive sales. Aimed at Professional Services businesses, Springboard Start, Springboard Accelerate and Springboard Engage provide solutions to help with your biggest SMB challenges at each stage of your business growth.

Listen below as Wendy and Ian talk about the thought behind our new fixed price, quick start deployment of a Dynamics 365 Sales platform solution.

We’re so excited about bringing this product to market to enable SME’s to access the phenomenal power of the Dynamics 365 Sales productivity platform. Our aim is to enable you to transform the way you Engage with your customers and colleagues, to Accelerate your business growth, and to put you on the right path, right from the Start.

Let us know what you think. We’d love to hear from you!


Dynamics 365 – too big, too expensive for SMBs ?

It’s long been the understanding in the world of SMEs that Business Applications are too big and too expensive for SMCs. This leads to a perception that applications such as Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Sales is a poor fit for a small business, especially since it seems impossible to gain an idea of the cost of deployment before engaging with expensive consultants.

In this video snippet from Cloud2020, Ian and Wendy challenge this understanding and give some hints and tips about how the growing small business can gain access to the sales productivity enhancing tools that they so desperately need.

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