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What is Springboard?

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Integration with Outlook, SharePoint and Teams for productivity

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Our Ethos



Rapidly implement by providing all the tools needed to streamline business processes



Add value and success by streamlining and centralising all your business processes



Automate and streamline the sales process with lead to sales visibility

Springboard Pricing


£3,350 Implementation Price
    • £55
    • subscription per user per month
      including support & maintenance

Springboard Plus

£4,700 Implementation Price
    • £65
    • subscription per user per month
      including support & maintenance

Why Springboard your business?

Technology really has turned the sales process upside down.

Technology may appear to have made selling more difficult because customers can often get most of the information they think they need online and tend to make buying decisions based on what they find. Used properly, technology can help those in a sales role adapt by simplifying the process and making them more efficient and successful than ever before.
Information such as product descriptions, customer reviews, and competitive comparisons are now widely available on the web or through social networks: Buyers are using this information to form opinions and narrow buying choices long before engaging with people like you.
When buyers get to the point where they want a conversation, they expect fast responses that are perfectly tailored to their business’ needs. To respond effectively to these better informed and more demanding buyers, we need to change.

We need to take advantage of the social media and Customer Relationship tools available to foster better relationships and deliver amazing customer experiences

Springboard Modules


Once you are driving sales though the introduction of Springboard why not add our Projects module for a solution to manage the delivery of projects and the resources needed.


Springboard’s marketing solution allows the creation of emails, web forms, surveys, nurture campaigns, web intelligence and much more. Organisations will be able to discover who is interested in the products and services qualify the level of interest, and take action.

Single View Builder

Add to the great visualisations built into Springboard with more grids, views, timelines, and maps with Single View Builder.


Coming soon: Add Financials to Springboard. Everything you need to run businesses accounts including: cash flow, invoicing, payments, payroll, reporting andd much more.

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